First Top Hockey is the place for you to begin your hockey career. This site provides detailed information about hockey offering step by step guides on how to get started. Even if you are a coach or new to hockey, this website is provides everything you need under one roof.
For new players, this site has all the necessary information you need to know about hockey. It covers a variety of sections to include the history of the game where and when it started. It also touches various sections such as the knowing the equipment used in the game to include the hockey sticks, the protective gear and many more.

The site also show you diagrammatic pictures of how to handle the hockey sticks as well as other training modules such as the drills and many more. It is also beneficial to those who desire to teach or coach players and it covers various areas on how to train your players as well as cushioning them and getting geared for game play.


Information is key to success

We provide a variety of drills that can help your team members improve their gaming skills. The drills offered include defensive drills, the goalie drills, penalty shoot outs, passing, passive drills and many more. The advantages of learning theory are that you will be able to grasp various concepts and tactics that will soon be applied on the field. Theory work is quite essential and enriches the mind to think fast at which when faced with a similar situation on the field you will be quick to make the appropriate decision.

We also offer great information on how to select your hockey equipment. We help you to make comparisons of various equipment and the good thing is that all this can be done online at the comfort of your home without you having to visit one store after the other. There are school hockey activities and if you are a parent you can also get to enjoy playing hockey with your kids and this will be great fun for both of you. There are various hockey activities you will come across in our site and you are able to contact us via email and we will gladly respond to your queries promptly.

Use our knowledge to become a better player

The more you read our guides is the more you will gain knowledge of the game and it will become easier for you to teach others about the game if you are a hockey trainer. Players can enjoy the game on ice or grass and all you have to do is to follow the rules of the game so as to enjoy it to the max.

The most important thing is that we deliver information that is clear and accurate. We guarantee that this information will certainly help you to achieve great results in hockey.