10 More gambling websites banned in Bulgaria

The online gambling authority from Bulgaria: the Bulgarian State Commission on Gambling has recently announced that 10 more websites are now banned in the country and the total count of the wagering websites has now reached the number of 142.

Some of the new online gambling websites that can no longer be accessed from Bulgaria includes Zeuturf, CasinoClub and the popular French poker site Winamax. There are several more websites, however their name was not released yet to the press at this time.

The number of banned gambling websites from Bulgaria can still be consider small if you compare it with the 402 websites that were made illegal in Greece. In order to cut the access to the banned websites the Bulgarian online gambling authority sent the list over to the ISPs and they also banned the local financial transactions to those websites.

These 10 websites are now declared to be both illegal and unlicensed in Bulgaria. While this might look like a good thing for the online gambling market to be regulated by a state owned authority, things in Bulgaria are not very clear and this means that there are still many questions asked about why certain websites got banned, since the reasons stated are not very clear.

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