All Slots Mobile Casino become #1 Downloaded Application in the UK

All Slots Casino released their mobile software three months ago and since they released their mobile software their mobile casino has continued to become one of the most downloaded applications in the UK. Last week the application was in fifth place and today is stands as the number one downloaded application in the UK.

David Brickman, the vice president of Player Relations for All Slots Casino commented on this milestone saying, “We are committed to being the number one online casino within the online gambling industry and in order for us to do that we have to continue to make our mobile casino application more appealing than any other available on the market.”

The All Slots Casino is available on three different platforms. You can play this casino on any apple device, android device or blackberry device. We recommend playing this casino on a tablet in order to gain the full experience of the casino. Two of the latest games to be released onto the All Slots mobile casino is Thunderstruck II and What A Hoot.

The online version of this successful casino franchise includes almost all of the Microgaming casino games and is always on top of its latest releases to ensure customers have the very best in gaming at their fingertips.

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