Chris Christie Pushes Sportsbetting Appeal To Supreme Court

The Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie is a famous governor in the USA, even appearing on late night with Conan. The famous governor is still doing his job and keeping his vow to get online sports betting legal in his home state.

Mr. Christie has been hard at work fighting the “Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act” since 1992. The governor claims that this bill goes against the constitution and that legal online sports betting should be allowed in the state of New Jersey. Other states agree with the governor of New Jersey believing in his claims and they also believe that this act should be banned and replaced with a new legal sports betting act.

So far the Governor has lost the fight two times now but he continues to keep up the fight by going for a third round. The US District Court and the Circuit Court of Appeals both declined him in his previous battles. This is why Mr. Christie has taken this case to the Supreme Court.

Governor Christie spokesman Colin Reed spoke to the Washington Post and he said, “The governor has said that he will continue to push this fight in the U.S. Supreme Court of Justice. We all hope that he will win the fight on his third attempt. The legalization of sports betting would allow for the state and USA to grow considerable revenues in a short period of time.”

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