New Jersey players not being accepted by Merge Network

The Merge Network, one of those that is operating in New Jersey with the release of internet poker within the state, has stated that it is no longer going to accept players from Jersey or Delaware. This was seen as a bit of a shock and where it is more shocking is that lack of explanation that has been provided by the network.

The reports of the stoppage first came to light on several large poker forums. Players began to report that they were unable to register, which it was then confirms by Carbon Poker, one of those under the Merge Network. The decision to stop taking registrations came after much though and deliberations internally stated Carbon Poker representatives. This was based on restrictions within those states.

At this point in time both those states mentions have made poker online legal and have placed laws into effect that makes those unlicensed by the states, who operates within their boundaries, to be illegal. It is believed that due to these new laws taking effect that Merge opted to remove itself from those states versus risk persecution by same.

How this effects those players with positive balances is unknown. It is believed they will be provided the ability to withdraw their balances and payments will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

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