A Total Of $82 Million Being Repaid To Full Tilt Poker Players

April, 2011 was one of the worse days for online poker gambling in America. Several online poker rooms were shut down and one of those poker rooms was Full Tilt Poker. When the poker room was shut down the US Government seized the accounts of the poker room, seizing a total amount of $300 Million. Today a claims administrator that is handling the payments of the FTP players announced that a total of $82 Million will be sent out in repayments to 30,000 online punters.

These payments will begin to be paid out on February 28th. This means that online punters who had their accounts shut down more than three years ago will finally be able to receive their payments that they’ve been patiently waiting for. This is one of the largest repayments ever had to be made by the US Government.

There are online punters who aren’t disputing the amount of money that they had in their accounts before the money was seized and those players will be the first to receive their payments. Online punters who are disputing the money they had in their accounts will have their cases reviewed by a judge. Affiliates and Professional online poker players will be the last to receive their payments.
There were other online poker rooms that were shut down by the US Government in April, 2011. Those poker rooms include Absolute Poker, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and more. PokerStars has now cleared all of their legal problems within the United States of America and to this day this still operate out of Nevada.

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