Playtech Announces Gold Rally Jackpot Win

There is one thing about online gambling that continues to bring excitement and that is the amount of money people win every month. Once again this continues with the winning of $813,717 while playing the progressive slot, Gold Rally.

Playtech logo

Gold Rally is a classic slot machine that has been available in the gambling market for years. This is the 31st time that a jackpot has been one on this Playtech video slot. This is also a smaller jackpot win then normally triggered when the Gold Rally Jackpot is won. Regularly this jackpot will pay out an average amount of $952,125.

Gold Rally is 5 reel, 8 payline video slot that offers no game features what so ever. The classic slot is designed around a mining field and three individuals that resemble the Hill Billy versions of The Three Stooges. When playing this slot you will come across bags of gold, weights, dynamite, lamps and more.

Playtech announced this jackpot win to the media stating, “The punter behind this jackpot win has chosen to remain hidden to the public eye as he doesn’t want to have someone knocking on his front door looking for money. We respect that decision but he did tell us that he will spend this money on purchasing a new home for his parents to live in, buy his dream car and take his entire family out on a luxury vacation. Whatever money left will be put into a bank, we congratulate this punter on his win and wish him the best of luck in the future.

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