Britain’s Got Talent Renewed For Two More Seasons

Britain’s Got Talent, a Television Show that allows for anyone to come up on stage and showcase their talents in hopes that they’ll get the approval of all three judges. This results in those talented individuals moving on up to the next level on the talent show, as contestants go throughout the levels they compete with one another in order to win one million Euro’s.

Britains Got Talent Logo

The show which has been on Television for eight seasons now has been renewed for two more seasons. NBC, the broadcast television network that owns the rights to Britain’s Got Talent did note that they aren’t sure if after these two seasons they’ll renew the show again. The reason for this is because the rating for Britain’s Got Talent has continued to fall since the sixth season. This shows that with each passing season the fans of the show grow tired of the same acts, the majority of the ratings come in on audition week as people want to see the incredible one time acts and the hilarious acts that fail in comparison.

Simon Cowell, the creator of Britain’s Got Talent said the following: “It doesn’t surprise me that Britain’s Got Talent is coming to their final years. The same thing happened with American Idol, the show depleted to horrible ratings and the network executives wanted the show to either end or become something new. That is why you see a bunch of new hosts on American Idol with each passing season, NBC doesn’t know what to do with the program.”

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