Don Cherry To Remain Host

Hockey Night in Canada is closing their doors at CBS and re-opening them at Rogers. This is due to Rogers purchasing the rights to Hockey Night in Canada for $5.2 Billion. When this information came to light in December of 2013, everyone ridiculed CBS for selling the program without realizing that CBS was nearly bankrupt and that if they didn’t sell the show there would eventually be no show left to as they wouldn’t be able to afford it anymore.

Rogers Logo

CBS decided that instead of allowing for their network to fall alongside Hockey Night in Canada they would sell the show and continue operating as a broadcast television network station. This means that new hosts will make their way to the show, kicking out Don Cherry and Ron MacLean in the process. This doesn’t mean that we won’t see anymore of Mr. Cherry or Mr. MacLean in the future as both of these men will continue to host Coaches Corner. A fifteen minute television program that goes over the last two period in the hockey game, millions upon millions of Canadians tune in to watch Don Cherry and Ron MacLean speak about their opinions as those opinions are never boring.

You can expect Coaches Corner to return for 2014/2015 Season next year. You will still be able to see the wacky suits that Don Cherry puts on each night and his comical and heated comments that he is so known for making.

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