Los Angeles Kings Win Cup

Millions of people within New York City were disappointed last week when their beloved Rangers lost to the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings won the first three games in the series while the rangers won the fourth game in the series. During the final game in the final playoff series the Los Angeles Kings were able to beat the rangers by one single point. This allowed for the kings to once again stand as the Stanley Cup Winners.

LA Kings logo

This is the second time that the Los Angeles Kings have won the Stanley Cup within a three season period of time. There hasn’t been a hockey team that has been able to accomplish this goal in four decades which means that the 2013/2014 Los Angeles Kings now stand as one of the best hockey teams within the last forty years.

The Los Angeles Kings recently held their Stanley Cup Parade earlier on this week. Big name stars such as Jonah Hill and James Franco appeared within the crowd in order to watch the most famous trophy in the world pass them by. It is said that Mr. Franco and Mr. Hill later went on to the after party in order to get a better glimpse at the trophy and hang out with their heroes.

Alex Martinez, the player who made the third goal during the fifth game has openly said that he will work hard with his team mates throughout the next year in order to better their skills as hockey players. Their doing this in hopes that they can win the Stanley Cup for a third time within four season.

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