Subban Gets $72 Million

The famed Montreal Canadians defensemen P.K Subban is already a rich man but his riches will only grow over the next eight years. During the next eight years he will remain a defensemen with the Montreal Canadians and earn a total of $72 Million for his efforts. This new contract deal didn’t come easily though as the General Manager for the Montreal Canadians and P.K Subban fought with one another on how much he should earn. Clearly Mark Bergevin, the General Manager knew that P.K Subban is to valuable a player to lose and caved into his demands. Hockey Analysts knew this would be the case as if P.K Subban was with any other team the Montreal Canadians would lose their amazing track score for the upcoming season.


P.K Subban is by far the most talented defensemen in the National Hockey League. The second his skates touch the ice he plays with such verbosity that no one else on the ice can see him coming. He is always ten moves ahead of every other player on the ice regardless of what position they play. Having him on our team just isn’t a blessing for the Montreal Canadians but it is also an honor. I know that right now I am working alongside the next Wayne Gretzky or Sydney Crosby.”

You can expect to see P.K. Subban play for the Montreal Canadians for the next eight seasons with the option of renewal come the end of his eight year deal. Though with $72 Million we suspect he’ll want to retire.

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