Carol Vadnais Passes Away

One of the legends, one of the greats in the National Hockey League’s history has passed away at the young age of sixty eight. Carol Vadnais, a former defensemen for a variety of professional hockey teams passed away this weekend on Sunday, August 31st. Carol was only sixty eight years old, a young man in terms of today. Mr. Vadnais played for The New York Ranger, The Montreal Canadians, The New Jersey Devils, The California Golden Seals and The Boston Bruins. All together he played a total of 1,087 professional hockey games. During his time as an NHL Player he was able to make 169 Goals and 587 Points, during his playoff games he was able to make ten goals and forty assists.


Carol Vadnais was able to win the Stanley Cup twice during his time as a pro hockey player. He won it once back with the Montreal Canadians in 1968 and then won the Stanley Cup once again while playing with 1972. He is considered to be one of the best professional hockey players ever seen, he is compared to the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Sydney Crosby.

Carol Vadnais didn’t die from any particular disease or issue with his body. Apparently his now widowed wife found him in bed on Sunday morning and he wouldn’t wake up from his slumber. Mr. Vadnais didn’t have any prior medical issues that would of caused for him to die in his sleep. This means that Mr. Vadnais was able to die a peaceful death while he dreamt away in his sleep.

You can view all of his old games by purchasing any of the NHL History DVD’s or Blue-Rays. You will find his skills to be more than impressive.

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