Hockey Canada

Hockey Canada doesn’t want to fall far begin the rest of their fellow sports in the analytics department. They want to have better numbers in the sense of viewers as more viewers means more money for Hockey Canada. Sports like Football, Basketball and Baseball have been creeping up on Hockey Canada in a bad way. This resulted in Hockey Canada having to hire a new manager for hockey operations.


Misha Donskov was hired earlier on last week on Wednesday. He now stands as the manager for hockey operations, video and analytics. He will be primarily responsible with all of the video activities related to Hockey Canada. This means he will be in charge of how the games are filmed, what advertisements are showcased on commercials and various other things that relate to Hockey Canada’s video operations.

Analytics on the other hand is meant to increase viewership, this going along perfectly with the video operations that Mr. Donskov is now responsible for. Along with those responsibilities he will also have to figure out new ways in which he can increase viewership for Hockey Canada. Essentially Mr. Donskov has been hired to give Hockey Canada an overhaul in hopes that it’ll better this numbers in viewerhip.

This could end up meaning that Hockey Canada is about to become a very different place in the upcoming 2014/2015 Season. Misha Donskov will now how to spend all of his time until the upcoming season in order to find new ways that he can change up Hockey Canada. We already know that there are major changes coming to Hockey Night in Canada as there will be all new hosts, all new shots and an all new cable provider. Rogers now owns the rights to Hockey Night in Canada and also owns the rights to hosting each NHL Game on TV.

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