Sportsnet, a Television Broadcaster that is one of the more famous when it comes to viewing your latest sports highlights or matches. Today the television broadcaster revealed their new hockey studio for hockey highlights, intermission shows and more. The new design resembles an actual hockey arena with a curved roof above where the anchors would sit. There is also an ice like floor to the new studio, it makes you feel as if you’ve never left the game. This new studio cost a total of $4.5 Million to make and it’ll host the new “Sportsnet Hockey Night in Canada”.


Hockey Night in Canada is moving to Rogers as they purchased it a few months ago. This new state of the art studio will be used for the next minimum five years for Hockey Night in Canada. There is also going to be new hosts for Hockey Night in Canada and more of them as well which is why this new studio had to be built twice as large as the previous Hockey Night in Canada Set.

There is so much going on with this new set that we won’t know every detail of it until we see the first new episode of “Sportsnet Hockey Night in Canada”. We’ll keep you updated if any changes are made to this set in the upcoming weeks before the new NHL season begins. Either way it’ll be interesting to see how the new Hockey Night in Canada show performs compared to its predecessor.

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