Coyote’s Fan Tases Mayor

Last week the Glendale Mayor, Jerry Weiers announced that he and his fellow city councilors will be putting an end to the fifteen year arena lease agreement with the Arizona Coyote’s. This means that this beloved NHL team will lose their home after fifteen years due to more than likely to the agenda of the mayor. Well it seems that Ronda Pearson, a loyal fan of the coyotes who made headlines earlier on this week for ripping the councilors and mayor a new one got the chance to tase Mr. Weiers.

Arizona Coyote

Miss. Pearson didn’t do this illegally though. This has all been done for charity, though hatred was involved. The Mayor revealed last weekend that he will allow for one of citizens of his town upset with him to tase him if they could raise $10,000 for the 100 Club of Arizona Charity. A number of various donors made donations but it wasn’t until the last moment when $7,000 was received anonymously that she was able to pull the trigger. It’s clear within her facial expressions & eyes that she isn’t pleased with the mayor but is more than happy to tase him.

None the less this was for a good cause. This tasing took place in order to support families who have lost their mother or father in the line of duty. All the money that is raised will be used to help the families with purchasing groceries, paying bills or whatever else they may need. We shall keep you informed if the Glendale Council & Mayor plan on changing their decision in the future.

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