Las Vegas Hockey Team Losing Support

Sin City, more commonly known as Las Vegas is one of the few cities across Northern America hoping to gain one of the four new teams arriving to the National Hockey League within the upcoming two seasons. Already investors has spent millions on building a facility for a team, building parking lots and gaining sponsors. Unfortunately it seems that Las Vegas citizens as well as tourists have begun to express their disinterest in the idea.

Las Vegas

The reasoning for this is because most believe that a city such as Las Vegas, located within the middle of a dessert won’t be able to have a great NHL team. Though the geological location has nothing to do with the teams abilities it is still none the less a thought. The idea for this team is that the mass amount of tourism that comes to the city each year could allow for ticket sales and memorabilia to be sold at a high percentage.

This idea could prove to be profitable down the road if they gain one of the teams and win a Stanley Cup in the future. The National Hockey League are looking for cities that have rallies of support behind them for an NHL Team, Las Vegas losing their support could mean the end of their possible NHL Team. None the less this hasn’t stopped investors from contacting sports agencies & agents in order to sign on players once the word is given that they can now start a National Hockey League team.