Roller Hockey Continues Its Foothold in NYC

Those who think of hockey instantly think of the bitter cold, ice and a game that requires men who don’t fear below freezing temperatures at times. Luckily this always isn’t the case as there is a form of hockey called “Roller Hockey”, most popular back in the 70’s and 80’s it still holds its foothold today within Ney Work City. Brooklyn being the highlight location for this sport.

Roller Hockey

Hockey has stood as a cornerstone for New York City ever since the rangers first dawned the ice back in 1926. That’s why it’s not surprising to see that those who no longer can handle the bitter cold continue to play the game via roller skates. Unfortunately there isn’t no leagues available for this version of hockey but apparently within Brooklyn & NYC you can see hundreds of people playing home games around the city. Its popularity is once again picking up and the sport has once again gained its foothold within the NYX Culture.

This could mean the return of a roller hockey league which wouldn’t be surprising as older aspects of our modern day culture are being absorbed by the youth, allowing for what everyone thought had died to return back to life. Brooklyn roller hockey players have stated that for every game the New York Rangers play they play one as well, whichever families have remained in the neighborhood had past generations do the same. It’s good to know that Roller Hockey still stands as a part of American culture.