Quebec’s Videotron Centre Revealed

Quebec was more than happy to reveal their brand new National Hockey League stadium. The “Videotron Centre” had a total of eighteen thousand people attend for the first hockey game played at this new arena. Unfortunately this stadium could end up being a major downfall for the city of Quebec as if they don’t gain the right to operate an NHL Hockey Team in their city than the main purpose for this arena will have been defeated.

Videotron Centre

The next forty eight hours will determine if Quebec will receive the new NHL team or if Las Vegas shall, regardless if Quebec doesn’t make the cut then they’ll be able to rent this arena out for countless venues. Profit will just take an extra decade to appear for the city of Quebec if this is the case. No final decision is expected to come out of the meeting taking place during the next twenty four hours as well.

The National Hockey League will more than likely reveal who will be getting the new NHL team in either the upcoming two days or in early December. This future hockey team will have to wait until the yearly draft for them to be able to contact & receive any players on the team. Practice will be twenty four seven and the team will more than likely do horrendous for their first season. Hopefully the country of Canada, the country which loves hockey the most is able to gain a fourth National Hockey League Team.