New Reality TV Show “Hockey Wives”

Reality television is constantly creating programs which hold no interest to the mass majority of viewers. It’s a marvel that this form of television has been able to remain a part of our culture for so many years. One new reality television show which’ll surely be canceled after its first season is Hockey Wives. This new series is based around the various wives of some of hockey’s most famous stars.

Hockey Wives

Already those whom have heard of this show have gone through the efforts of bashing it through various social media websites. This isn’t surprising considering that no one would be interested in what these wives are doing when their husbands aren’t around. The second season of the show is already slated to be in development before the first season even ends.
These kinds of shows where wives or woman are the main attraction have become hated within society. The horrendous acting, fake fights and more just makes for a viewing experience that truly makes you cringe. Luckily there are even woman who are now choosing to boycott this show which could result in the series being cancelled relatively early into its birth.

The Hockey Wives all try to prove how their better than one another and how their husbands are better. This means that constant drama, harassment and more is showcased throughout the show. Hopefully this show will be off of the air in a short period of time so that better TV programing can take up their time slot.