Children Get Stanley Cup Surprise!

The young children of the “Corner Brook Royals Peewee Hockey Team” had themselves a very big surprise during their practice last Wednesday. These players were able to come face to face with the Stanley Cup, one of the most famous trophies in the world. These children were practicing when the Stanley Cup was placed into their changing room, the shock was unreal for all these boys.

Corner Brook Royals Peewee Hockey Team

Jack Ryan, the goalie for this peewee hockey team was lucky enough to make a statement to CBC News as well. He stated, “It’s like a dream come true, I’ve always wanted to touch the cop. You know I hugged it, I touched it, and I’m never going to wash my hand again.” All those around young Mr. Ryan laughed at his last comment.

It appears that the entire team felt the same way as Jack, they all surrounded the cup in order to hurdle up against it. Many of these young athletes were rubbing the cup and hugging it for good luck. This surprise was gifted to the children as a part of the Rogers Hometown Hockey Events that have been happening all around Northern America, the events are currently being held in Corner Brook for the next few days until it moves onto its next city.

The Corner Brook Royals were chosen due to the fact that they’ve done volunteer work, raising money for underprivileged youth whom don’t have the opportunity to play hockey. Once again it’s been proven that good things happen to those whom do good deeds of kindness to others.