Canucks Win Against the Red Wings!

The Vancouver Canucks dominated the Detroit Red Wings last night. The same day the Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released, the Canucks must’ve had their force re-awakened as well as after winning two games back to back all members of the team we’re exhausted. Not to mention they were missing their captain for this game, the player which helps them move forward as a unit. None the less something urged the Canucks to play an incredible three periods and a shootout.

Vancouver Canucks

During the first fifteen minutes of the game, Vancouver was on fire. They dominated over the Red Wings only then to feel the effects of playing two other games that week. Then throughout the rest of the game both teams were evenly matched until the last fifteen minutes of the third period. The Red Wings came back & were able to tie the game 3-3. This brought it into overtime where eventually Linden Vey, making his season debut this year was able to beat out the Red Wings goalie during a shootout.

The crowd went wild and for the first time this season, the Vancouver Canucks have won three games in a row. Luckily the team has a bit of time to recover from the game as their next game won’t be until next week. Hopefully we shall see the Canucks continue to go all the way, it’s been a number of years since Canada has had a NHL Stanley Cup winning team and it’d be incredible to see the country hold claim to the Stanley Cup once again.