Syrian Family Learns to Play Hockey

Canada has been rated the #1 freest country in the world, this stands true as recently with war in Syria, Canada has accepted already ten thousand Syrians into the country with another fifteen thousand set to arrive in early 2016. An Edmonton family isn’t showing any judgement to these new found Canadians, instead the Laurie family decided to teach a Syrian family how to play hockey.


This family has already been in the country for six months, they were one of the first to arrive before the new Canadian Prime Minister took office. This family, just like for the thousands of other Syrian families in Canada are seeing ice and snow for the first time. Their country is desert, dust and heat while ours displays the exact opposite for a large portion of the year.

The family did make a comment to Global News saying, “We had no idea that snow could be like this. In my country there is different weather, no ice, nothing.” The Laurie family also made a short comment saying, “What this family had to do to get to Canada is astonishing, it’s the least that we can do for them, we’re just trying to share our favourite pastime with the Mansour’s.”

The Laurie’s also took the Mansour’s out to their local sportswear store in order to buy them all new coats, hats, gloves and more. Apparently the father and mother couldn’t be any more grateful for all they’ve been receiving in Canada. The Mansour’s as well as thousands of other families are the lucky ones of Syria.