Hockey Coaching: Grooming the Youth to Play Hockey

It tends to be a lot difficult to train youngsters how to play the game due to the fact that you need to concentrate on each younger individually until s/he gets it right but the added advantage of doing this is that as they grow up they will be the future stars since they learnt the game when they were young. As a coach, you need to setup a plan on how you are going to train the youngsters and in your plan, you should first of all include the basics such as holing the hockey stick, the essentials of wearing a helmet, why players should wear protective gear and so on.

Time to begin teaching

After this stage, you can now proceed to teach the youngsters how to pass the ball as well as doing the drills such as the defensive drill, penalty shootouts, offensive drill and many more. It may take days to teach each individual player but as soon as they grasp the technique, everything will sail smoothly. An added advantage of coaching the youngster is that they are very keen to learn how the game is played and everyone is in the game to master the skills to perform great.

Hockey for the youth can be regarded as recreational activities and these should be a lot fun since you will be dealing with kids who are out there seeking for fun rather than winning. This means that instead of focusing to win, you should focus on teaching the kids how to play the game as well as playing various drills to help them sharpen and improve their game play. The more you think of winning tends to discourage other youngsters such as those from the losing team to shun away from the sport at which as a coach, you need to make everyone happy as well as teaching them the skills. For instance, if there are kids who are overweight or fat, you should not place them on the bench such that they end up feeling isolated but you can place these kids as goalies. Why not have two goal keepers and let the kids enjoy the game.

Let the kids enjoy the gameCoach

All kids should enjoy the game and at the sometime this improves their level of skill play at which slowly you are able to cushion them on how to play the game properly. However, at first before you start being serious about teaching each player, the kids should be excited in playing the game and they should wear protective gear always.

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