Hockey Equipment

One can say that close to soccer and rugby, hockey is one of the most known games that are played in the US. Hockey has different structures in terms of playing and it is usually an outdoor and indoor game. However these games also require the right clothing so you could be on the safe side.

The usual apparatus in hockey is the stick which is relatively a meter long. They are usually curved in shape and made of wood and surrounded by fiberglass, although other materials can be used such as aluminum with in each case covered either in suede or rubber clings. The sticks are different when it comes to ice and field hockey. In field hockey the stick has a curved base which is circular at the end and even on the other side to help hit the ball into the goal. For ice hockey and inline hockey, the sticks have wider bases and these are made for right handed players. In ice hockey the position of handling the stick provides for a low gouge in catching the puck and controlling it, you have to place your left hand on the top and the right hand on the lower part.

Different types of pucks mean different protective gear

The balls in these two games are also different in that in outdoor hockey the ball is made of precast plastic and in ice hockey they have solid rubber discs called pucks. The hockey club measures both balls according to their standards. Just like in any game the deal is to get the ball or puck into the goal post. The nets are made of strong synthetic nylon and are structured into position by steel frames.

Clothing is important and that goes for the skates, shoes, stick, and puck. Having clothes that are defensive is also very much essential to both parties. Such wear includes a chest defender, helmet, large stuffed shorts, shin pads, neck protector and other basic shields. Don’t forget to use all the defensive clothes because you have to be safe at the end of it all.

Use common sense withhockey equipment your equiptment

Always remember that wearing the right equipment is not just looking after your own safety but it is the right thing to do. By taking the proper measures to protect yourself you set a good example for those who are younger and may look up to you. Learning starts at the early stages in life and by teaching us the safety is not just the right thing to do but a smart one is wise. It could be the difference later in life between substantial injuries or none at all. Hockey equipment has been designed to protect as much as possible and that is ideal however it also requires that common sense be applied to how one plays at all times. Remember, you are not alone on the ice so therefore respect others rights to enjoy the game without suffering injuries.

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