Hockey Rules the Hearts of a Nation

Nowadays, hockey caters for both women and men and that is great because now both parties can play hockey. In Canada hockey is the sole purpose for most Canadians, in that it is a constant reminder of their youth days. Hockey sets an exciting atmosphere for both the young and old, and it does not matter where it is played, it could be on frozen ponds, dams or on the road. When the old see children playing this game they are taken back to their old days, basically no one forgets their hockey days as there are a souvenir. Why do you think hockey means a lot to them than just a sport, it is a constant reminder of fantastic youth and a supper awesome past, that had few problems?

Keep this point in mind

A point to keep in mind is that hockey is thrilling game, because it is a good sport to watch especially the one that it is played on the ice. No other sport can be played on the ice because they were not made for such. Even when comparing the speed at which the game is played at, soccer or rugby can’t surpass it, as the game exceeds so does the speed, is that definitely not enticing! You can’t slack in a hockey game because the game can just change its course. It can happen that a team may not score even if the action is moving back and forth, but then if you slack in a split second a goal can be scored. Basically, whoever scores more goals is the winner and sometimes it can happen that none of the teams score. This game is smashing great because of the eagerness one would go through, the feeling is just out of this world. Imagine what will be going through your head when a team is about to score, yes that excitement clouds you so much that you close your eyes waiting for the crowd to scream out all sorts of cheers, that is hockey for you. Now when all this is happening it is like so crowded in front of that post because they want to prevent the ball from entering the post.

Hockey is Canadian pasttimeCanadian Flag

In Canada hockey nights are so much exciting as any national event so they are deemed as precious as gold. Those memories are cherished and they are not just of mere competitions played on the streets or on stacks of snow. It is not a game played by ordinary people but heroes of that game striving to get pass the defenders to score a goal. During those developing times it was a person’s right to watch this thrilling game. Then In our backyard we would play the game and impersonate characters of our best players and teams. It would be more fun when our team scores a goal, by then we would have crushed the challenging team. Wow those days are days to remember and treasure, for there is no better way to remember your past than reliving it again.

Truthfully it’s not just the Canadians game but the world shares this game with them. But the only difference is that Canadians respect that game with all their hearts and definitely cherish the memories in their hearts. It is a spectacular game and it should be kept that way.

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