What You Need To Know About Hockey

Hockey RinkHockey is a popular sport that is played throughout the world and it has dominated every as one of the most games played by both female and male. Hockey is amongst the popular sports played worldwide with the likes of football, cricket and many others. Hockey originated in early 1893 and it was played on ice at which the term hockey in US is often known as ice hockey whilst other countries are used to playing the game on grass.

Hockey rules are similar between countries

The rules of ice hockey and the common hockey are slightly similar and the only difference is that ice hockey is played indoors with ice skates, hockey sticks and a solid iced rubber disk whilst the common hockey is played with a hockey stick and a hockey ball that is almost identical to the cricket ball.

The word ‘hockey’ was derived from a French word ‘hoquet’ which has a similar shape of a hockey stick and its meaning is ‘shepherds crook’. The exact date of origin is unknown but ice hockey started to be recognized in 1983 in USA. Its popularity grew fast and the game spread to various Europeans countries as well as Great Britain. The game is played mostly in North America and in Canada, hockey is its national game.

The common hockey can be played on artificial grass or grass whilst ice hockey too can be played on artificial ice of natural ice. With ice hockey, the game constitutes of a team with 6 players and the field is oval in shape. The team comprises of a goalie, two defenders, one goal tender, and two forwarded. The hockey sticks are made of metal or wood and its length is about 152cm. The hard rubber iced disk is known as the puck which is used as the ball for scoring points and players wear padded gear for protection. A team that scores most points wins.

HNL began in 1917 and rest is history

In 1917, the National Hockey League was formed constituting of Canadian and US teams. In its early years, the majority of players were Canadians but recently, players from all over the world are participating in this sporting activity and it has also become a popular sport at the Olympics.

The game is quite easy to play and may schools, colleges and universities have become interested in the sport and youngsters are partaking in this sporting event. You are able to learn the rules of the game and get started in just a few seconds and the more you keep playing the game is the more you improve you gaming skills.

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